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Universal Vacuum Sealed Compression Storage Bags

Universal Vacuum Sealed Compression Storage Bags

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Product Description:

Squeeze the air out of your luggage and fit more things with these Vacuum Sealed Compression Storage Bags. It is equipped with a valve that is designed to get the air out of the bag from the suction process, leaving you a nice, thin sheet of bags, compressed and ready for storage.

The compression bags can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it while traveling, to save luggage space, while moving, to keep all of the items intact, and can also be used to organize bulky stuff like coats, pillows, comforters, and curtains.  

The set comes with a big manual pump and vacuum bags. The bags are available in various sizes to cater to all of your storage needs, perfect for your travel bag, cabinets, wardrobes, and basement.

The storage bags are made out of PET and PA materials, along with their double-layer design bringing both the strength and the durability of the space bags, protecting and providing more space for your items after repeated use.


Product Specification:

Color: Transparent

Material: PET, PA

Size: S- 40*60cm, M 50*70cm, L- 60*80cm, XL- 70*90cm, XXL- 80*100cm

Weight: S- 55g, M- 75g, L- 95g, XL- 115g, XXL- 120g

Function: Storage

Note:The color of the pump is random


Package Inclusion:

1/5/6 x Vacuum Seal Bags

1 x Manual Air Pump(with set 2)


Set Inclusion:

Set 1--40*60cm x 1, 50*70cm x 1,60*80cm x 1,70*90cm x 1,80*100cm x 1

Set 2--40*60cm x 1, 50*70cm x 1,60*80cm x 1,70*90cm x 1,80*100cm x 1,Large manual air pump x1


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