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Three Layer Lariat Choker Necklace

Three Layer Lariat Choker Necklace

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Welcome to the dazzling world of fashion jewelry, where the Three Layer Lariat Choker Necklace has emerged as a coveted accessory amongst style aficionados! Who doesn't want a versatile piece that elevates any outfit with a touch of elegance? This exquisite adornment isn't just another trend; it's a statement of sophisticated style that has captured the hearts of countless fashionistas. With each layer meticulously designed to accentuate the neckline, and the lariat adding a graceful drop, this necklace is the epitome of chic. Drawing on both historical allure and modern popularity—with celebrities and influencers donning the layered look—it's no surprise that the Three Layer Lariat Choker Necklace has become a staple piece for those looking to add a charismatic edge to their ensemble. 

  • Featuring a circle pendant with gorgeous coins and chains surrounding it
  • 3 Layer Necklace
  • High-Quality Zinc Alloy
  • Shortest Chain Length: 12" + 4"
  • Perfect birthday or mother's day gift for mom, daughter, aunt and grandma too
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