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Mobile Phone Jail Cell Lock-up with Built-in Timer

Mobile Phone Jail Cell Lock-up with Built-in Timer

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Product Description:

The perfect gift for that phone addict in your life- may be your friend, child, or partner will be sure to laugh at this novelty gift item. It can also be used to keep other small things locked up where you lack self-control!

Use this as a fun way of controlling your child's access to their mobile phone – it has enough room for up to 6 phones, the Jail Cell Lock Up can be used as a fun way of limiting access to your child's phone. Want to lock up their phone until chores or homework is done? No problem!

Do you lack self-control with your phone? Let the Phone Jail Cell Help you out! - Or are you trying to get something important done, but keep getting distracted? Just lock your phone up and hand your key to a loved one or friend, tell them not to let you have the key until the task is finished!

Secure tamper-proof design - Specially designed to ensure that phones cannot be taken out while locked and with a secure locking mechanism, no one will be getting into the Jail Cell Lock-Up without you knowing.

Enjoy your time with your family and friends with this product. It has a built-in timer that you can set so that everybody will get their devices at the same time.


Step 1: Before using, wind the timer knob clockwise. A full round starts from 0 and ends at 0 until the timer pointer aligned with the zero symbols.

Step 2: Wind the timer knob back counterclockwise to the minutes (number) you wanted it to ring. If you fail to follow these steps, the timer won’t ring.


Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 5.12 x 7.48 inches

Item Weight: 10.5 ounces


Package Inclusion:

1 x Phone Jail



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