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6-Light LED Modern Vanity Mirror Lights in Black

6-Light LED Modern Vanity Mirror Lights in Black

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Product Description:

The frame is treated with advanced electroplate craft and sealing technology, making it resistant to dust, fog, corrosion, and moisture. This ensures that the light remains in pristine condition even in humid environments.

The vanity light is equipped with an acrylic lampshade that is both rugged and durable. Designed to withstand everyday use, the lampshade is unbreakable, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Its uniform luminescence provides a soft and gentle light that illuminates your space without being overwhelming.

Efficiency with the 2835SMD LED technology incorporated in the LED Modern Black Vanity Lights. This cutting-edge technology not only creates stable and efficient light, but it also reduces electricity consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional light bulbs. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you can enjoy the benefits of this energy-saving fixture for years to come.

Installation is a breeze with the LED Modern Black Vanity Lights. It comes with a USA standard installation back plate, allowing for easy mounting on any electric box. This hardwired fixture does not require a switch or plug on the fixture itself. Simply connect it to the reserved wire directly and enjoy the instant transformation of your space.


Product Specification:

Material: Acrylic

Color: Black

Size: 99 cm x 11.98 cm x 10.99 cm

Weight: 4.03 kg

Function: Vanity Mirror Lights


Package Inclusion:

1 x 6-Light LED Modern Vanity Mirror Lights 

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