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5-Gun Safe with Electronic Keypad, Pistol Pockets, LED, External Battery, and Alarm

5-Gun Safe with Electronic Keypad, Pistol Pockets, LED, External Battery, and Alarm

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Product Description:

This large 5-gun safe is built with solid 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges, providing robust protection that you can rely on. With its digital password and handle, as well as an emergency key and handle, you have multiple options for quick and convenient access to your firearms.

Equipped with an internal LED light, the safe automatically illuminates when you use the digital password to unlock the door, ensuring visibility and ease of use even in low-light conditions. The added in-storage box offers extra space for storing items such as bullets, jewelry, and other valuables, keeping them organized and within reach.

Electronic Rifle Safe features a removable shelf that allows you to customize the interior space according to your needs, providing flexibility for storing firearms of different sizes and accessories. The gun holders and pistol holster are adjustable, allowing you to position your firearms securely and comfortably within the safe.

For enhanced security, the safe is equipped with an alarm system that activates in response to violent vibrations or three consecutive incorrect password entries, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. Additionally, the silent mode feature increases security by operating the safe quietly, preventing any potential detection.


Product Specification:

Material: Steel

Color: Black

Size: 37.08 cm x 36.57 cm x 151.38 cm

Weight: 35.74 kg

Function: Safe Storage


Package Inclusion:

1 x Safe Storage with Electronic Keypad

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