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Wall Mounted Full-Length Body Mirror with Aluminum Alloy Metal Frame- Golden

Wall Mounted Full-Length Body Mirror with Aluminum Alloy Metal Frame- Golden

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Feature: Check your outfit of the day before you go out of your house using this full-body mirror. It has a large design which gives you a full view of your body from head to toe.

Product Description:

The Mirror frame is made of Heavyweight aerospace-grade aluminum frame creates a durable structure with better shock absorption and longer life and has an anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint frame that requires little maintenance to keep it neat and beautiful.

It is equipped with a 4.5mm high-definition silver mirror, anti-oxidation, and non-blackening, with silver ion plating that has high permeability which restores your true self and lights up the beautiful you. 

The mirror is transparent and free of impurities, and 1:1 restores the real image without distortion. The surface is smooth and flat, not easy to deform. It is made of shatterproof high-definition glass mirror material, with explosion-proof film, anti-scattering, and anti-explosion. 

In case of an accident, the mirror glass will not be scattered on the ground, which can ensure the safety of you and your family and you can use it to decorate your bathroom, living room, entrance, bedroom, corridor, dressing room, and even in the coffee shop and shop.

Product Specification:

Color: Golden

Material: Glass

Size: 63 x 20 x 0.79 inches

Weight: 7kg

Function: Mirror

Package Inclusion:

1 x Full-Length Mirror

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