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7 Colors LED Therapy Facial Mask Skin Rejuvenation Device Acne Remover

7 Colors LED Therapy Facial Mask Skin Rejuvenation Device Acne Remover

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Product Description:

This face lamp uses Photon therapy technology, combines 7 colors of LED light which has different wavelengths, stimulates fiber cells to produce collagen protein, increases skin elasticity, and plays an important part in resetting aging and skin acne, improves freckles, helps to recover the youthful appearance.

Red light is used for photodynamic forever lily therapy, Blue light are used in the treatment of acne, Green light reduces melanin cell, and decreases pigment, Yellow light are used for photo-rejuvenation, White light decomposes stain, Purple light eliminates acne marks, and Blue light blue promotes metabolism.  

Its LED light offers an all-natural, non-ablative method of skin rejuvenation. This short-term therapy is easy to use, without risk of burns, comfortable, and painless. The intense pulsed light is able to penetrate the skin and be absorbed selectively by breaking the pigment group and cells without breaking the normal skin.

Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 315 x 230 x 475mm

Weight: 2.105kg

Function: Photon Therapy

Voltage: AC100-240V

Power:100-220V 50Hz 

Input: DC 12V 2A 

Light Color:7 colors 

Time:5-60 minutes 

Package Inclusion:

1 x Machine 

1 x Power Adapter

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