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43.31'' Acrylic Golden Glass Sofa Table Console Table for Living Roome& Bedroom

43.31'' Acrylic Golden Glass Sofa Table Console Table for Living Roome& Bedroom

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Elevate your living room or bedroom decor with this exquisite 43.31'' Golden Glass Sofa Table. Its sleek design, meticulous detail handling, ample storage options, and sturdy construction make it a versatile and stylish addition to your space. Organize your belongings while adding a touch of elegance to your room with this beautiful sofa table.

Product Description:

This stunning 43.31'' Golden Glass Sofa Table, a perfect combination of style and functionality for your living room or bedroom. This table features a simple and elegant design, with a glass top and chrome metal edge beautifully complementing the acrylic legs. The chrome-plated steel and acrylic materials give it a contemporary and up-to-the-minute look, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Good Detail Handling:We pay attention to every detail of this sofa table. The corners are finely polished to prevent bumps, ensuring a smooth and safe surface for your belongings. The meticulous craftsmanship adds to the overall quality and aesthetics of the table.

2-Tier Shelves for Storage:With two tempered glass shelves, this sofa table provides ample storage space for your books, toys, photo frames, and other items. The two-tier design allows you to keep your belongings easily accessible and neatly organized, making it convenient for you to showcase your favorite decor pieces.

Sturdy Construction:The sofa table is built to last with its sturdy construction. The iron metal bracket provides excellent stability and durability, while the 6mm thick tempered glass top ensures a strong and reliable surface that can hold up to 110lbs of weight. You can trust this table to support your items securely.

Product Specification:

Material: Chrome-plated Steel+Acrylic+Tempered Glass

Design: Simple and elegant design with a glass top, chrome metal edge, and acrylic legs.

Detail Handling: Finely polished corners for a smooth and bump-free surface.

Shelves: Two-tier Tempered glass shelves 

Weight Capacity: 110lbs 

Dimensions: 43.31 x14.37 x 31.5 inch

Package Inclusion:

1 x 43.31'' Golden Glass Sofa Table

1 x Instructions Manual

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