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42-Inch Retractable Ceiling Fan

42-Inch Retractable Ceiling Fan

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Product Description:

Equipped with the latest DC motor technology, this fan consumes up to 70% less energy compared to traditional AC motor ceiling fans. Not only does it help you save on energy costs, but it also contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.

One of the standout features of this ceiling fan is its retractable blades. When the fan is turned on or off, the blades automatically extend or hide, saving valuable space and preventing dust accumulation. This innovative design ensures that your fan remains clean and performs optimally.

The Ceiling Fan offers the flexibility of independent operation for both the fan and the light. You have the option to use them separately or together, depending on your specific needs and preferences. This versatility allows you to create the perfect ambiance in your space.

With its reversible motor, this fan enables you to easily switch between downdraft mode and updraft mode. During the summer months, the downdraft mode helps to cool the room, while in winter, the updraft mode circulates warm air near the ceiling, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


Product Specification:

Material: ABS + PC

Color: Brushed Nickel

Size: 106.68 cm x 106.68 cm x 12.44 cm

Weight: 8.1 kg

Function: Ceiling Fan


Package Inclusion:

1 x Retractable Ceiling Fan

1 x Remote Control

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