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3-Piece Lightweight Hard-shell Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock - Yellow

3-Piece Lightweight Hard-shell Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock - Yellow

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Short Description:

Enhance your travel with this 3-Piece Lightweight Spinner Luggage Set. Made from durable hard-shell material, this set is lightweight and built to last. Each piece features a TSA lock for added security. With three sizes included, this set covers all your travel needs. Upgrade your luggage collection today.

Product Description:

Travel effortlessly and enjoyably with this 3-Piece Lightweight and Durable Hard-shell Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock. Crafted from ABS hard shell material, this luggage set offers exceptional wear and impact resistance while remaining lightweight.

It ensures the safety of your belongings during transportation. The expansion feature provides an additional 25% of space, allowing you to bring back more souvenirs from your travels.

The 24-inch and 28-inch suitcases are equipped with TPE reinforced handles on the top and sides for easy carrying. With three sizes available (20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch), this luggage set is the perfect choice for family travel.

Metal corner protectors are included to reduce wear and tear caused by collisions, ensuring a longer service life for your suitcases.

Each piece of luggage in this set comes with a 3-dial TSA-approved combination lock, providing enhanced security and facilitating customs clearance. The telescopic handle offers three adjustable levels to accommodate users of different heights. 

Resetting the combination lock is simple:

1. The lock is set to 0-0-0 at the factory.

2. Locate the reset button adjacent to the dials, push it and hold while you rotate the dials to your  desired 3-digit code.

3. Release the reset button and your code is now set.

4. Scramble the dials and test your new code to be sure the correct one is set.


Product Specification:

Color: Yellow

Material: ABS

Weight: 10.4kg

Sizes Include: 20in, 24in, 28in

20in Size: 35 x 21 x 54.61cm

24in Size: 41.1 x 25.9 x 63.7cm

28in Size: 46.9 x 29.4 x 74.9cm

Function: 3-Piece Hard-shell Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock


Package Inclusion:

1 x 20in Luggage

1 x 24in Luggage

1 x 28in Luggage

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