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28-Inch Integrated LED Ceiling Fan Lighting - White

28-Inch Integrated LED Ceiling Fan Lighting - White

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Product Description:

Featuring three high-quality ABS blades, this fan offers both durability and elegance. The blades are designed to optimize airflow, providing you with a refreshing breeze throughout your space.

Safety is paramount, and this fan is ETL Safety Listed, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards for electrical safety. You can enjoy the fan's benefits with complete peace of mind, knowing that it has undergone rigorous testing and certification.

With six adjustable speeds and multiple timing options, you can personalize the fan's operation according to your preferences. Choose the perfect speed and set the fan to operate for a specific duration, promoting energy conservation and maintaining your desired level of comfort effortlessly.

Customize the lighting ambiance with three color temperature setting options: 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K. Whether you desire a warm and cozy atmosphere or a bright and invigorating environment, this fan caters to your preferences. Create the perfect lighting mood for any occasion or time of day.

Powered by a powerful and quiet DC motor, it offers enhanced energy efficiency without compromising on performance. Experience significant energy savings while enjoying a whisper-quiet operation. Say goodbye to noisy fans and revel in a peaceful and serene environment.

This fan also features an 18-Watt light, providing ample illumination for your space. What sets it apart is the convenience of independently controlling the fan and the light. You have the flexibility to adjust the lighting and cooling options separately, allowing you to create the perfect combination of light and airflow.


Product Specification:

Material: ABS

Color: White

Size: 71.12 cm x 71.12 cm x 33.42 cm

Weight: 4.81 kg

Function: LED Ceiling Fan Lighting


Package Inclusion:

1 x Integrated LED Ceiling Fan Lighting

1 x Remote Control

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