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24-Inch Metal Locker Storage Cabinet - Red

24-Inch Metal Locker Storage Cabinet - Red

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Product Description:

Sturdy and durable Metal Cabinet with a minimalist design that complements any home decoration style. This versatile metal cabinet can be used alone or stacked according to your needs, providing flexibility in organizing your space.

Designed with ventilation in mind, the cabinet features 10 thoughtful louvers on the doors, promoting air circulation and preventing unpleasant odors. The outer hinges are sturdy, firmly contacting the door and cabinet, and offering a larger opening angle for convenient access to your belongings.

This locking steel cabinet employs an upgraded steel lock cylinder, providing enhanced security for your valuable and important items. The doors can be locked using a conventional padlock, and the black handle can be lifted to prevent the door from opening on its own.

Its thoughtful features, including ventilation holes, sturdy outer hinges, and a reliable locking system, cater to your storage needs while ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.


Product Specification:

Material: Steel

Color: Red

Size: 60.96 cm x 38.1 cm x 38.1 cm

Weight: 9.98 kg

Function: Locker Storage Cabinet


Package Inclusion:

1 x Metal Locker Storage Cabinet

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